BHAY Blog #3: Kondo? Can Do, sort of.

So far my Big Hairy Audacious Year has involved my Big toe, two Hairy cats, and tomorrow will include some Audaciously hopeful recycling. I repurposed two ideas from Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up After following the FlyLady’s routines for several months late in 2018, I spent New Year’s Day binge-watching MarieContinue reading “BHAY Blog #3: Kondo? Can Do, sort of.”

Blog #24: The Real Reasons I’m Decluttering This Time

Yes, of course I want my home to be hospitable to visitors, and of course, I deserve an orderly, beautiful space in which to be at peace and live an orderly, beautiful life. More productive if I can find a pair of scissors, any one of the four pairs of scissors I know I own?Continue reading “Blog #24: The Real Reasons I’m Decluttering This Time”

Take Six Steps Forward, Good. Now, March in Place.

I’m on the sixth day of my Fly Lady restart.  You can find information about the Fly Lady System on the Flylady website, or on YouTube and Instagram through my favorite mentors, Diane in Denmark and the Secret Slob.  It’s a system to build new routines, emphasizing consistency and doing little things that over time addContinue reading “Take Six Steps Forward, Good. Now, March in Place.”