BHAY: Putting the Big in my Big Hairy Audacious Year

In order to discern my path to reach my goals for this year, I need to know my starting point. So I got on the bathroom scale to write my current weight in my planner.  I also wrapped a measuring tape around my waist so I could my starting number in my planner. The numbers are recorded, and I know now my starting point.  Later that night , while waiting for sleep it occurred to me to find out my BMI, the Body Mass Index.  So, I found my height on the chart, and then traced the path of the weights listed until I came to the one that was closest to what the scale registered.  Turns out: it’s going to be a daunting journey to get ready to climb that hill on Iona.   I think the phrase “Morbidly obese” is inaccurate. I may be obese, but I’m not morbid, I’m cheerful, resilient, generally optimistic and hopeful. I know, I know the phrase “morbidly obese” refers to the impact the excess weight is having on my health. I was just messingContinue reading “BHAY: Putting the Big in my Big Hairy Audacious Year”

My Big Hairy Audacious Take on Lessons from Carols: BHAY Blog #9

Underneath Yellowstone National Park a plume of magma moves up from the earth’s core, superheating the underground water table so that on a  very regular basis a geyser shoots up through the crust, delighting onlookers at the Park. It’s a tourist attraction, and a reminder that there’s more happening under our feet than we canContinue reading “My Big Hairy Audacious Take on Lessons from Carols: BHAY Blog #9”

BHAY Blog #8: Big Hairy Audacious Blog in Remembrance of my Mom’s Birthday

My mother would have celebrated her 88th birthday today, December 21st if not for a combination of lifestyle choices, chronic health issues, benign but slightly negligent care at her skilled care facility, and boredom. She died in January of 2016, aged 83, leaving a rich and wildly esoteric and exotic legacy of arcane facts, culturalContinue reading “BHAY Blog #8: Big Hairy Audacious Blog in Remembrance of my Mom’s Birthday”

BHAY Blog #6: I Was a Toddler with a Tiara

I celebrated my first Luciatag (Lucia Day) in 1962, wearing a straw Lucia crown. From the wave, I am giving the camera, I was clearly at home in the role. I was too young to take on the traditional duties of eldest daughter in the home on the day: bringing coffee and Lussekatter: rolls thatContinue reading “BHAY Blog #6: I Was a Toddler with a Tiara”

BHAY Blog 2: Better Living Through Cats and Chemicals

I have two cats. I’m very allergic to cats. Because of the contradiction implied in those first two statements, my life involves taking lots of drugs. They are allergy medicines, as prescribed my wonderful allergist, Dr. Joseph Rudolph. He casually drops hints that my life might be better without the cats, but I smile sweetlyContinue reading “BHAY Blog 2: Better Living Through Cats and Chemicals”

BHAY Post 1: My Big Hairy Audacious Toe – foreshadowing, or my computer’s encounter with gravity?

I hope there ’s nothing symbolic or meaningful in the fact that the first day of my Big Hairy Audacious Year begins with a limp. Not just a limp, but a limp caused by dropping my laptop computer so that it’s narrow edge landed on my big toe, a big toe without a shoe toContinue reading “BHAY Post 1: My Big Hairy Audacious Toe – foreshadowing, or my computer’s encounter with gravity?”

Blog #31: Belated Birthday Blog

Due to circumstances totally within my control, my “Return” key is now sticking to the point where it takes a lot of pressure and several attempts for it to do its job.  Therefore, today’s post will be fairly short so I don’t have to use that key very often. As some of you will remember,Continue reading “Blog #31: Belated Birthday Blog”

Blog #27: Water, Water, Everywhere, so Why Don’t I Take a Drink?

While it has been a challenge to pick up my needle, the pattern and the fabric and work on my projects, and it has taken me a while to get in the habit of following the FlyLady’s routines to create a more orderly home. Blogging is an entirely new venture, so I’m learning new skillsContinue reading “Blog #27: Water, Water, Everywhere, so Why Don’t I Take a Drink?”

Blog #26: The Up-Side of Not Being Super Rich

I’m rich in many things, grateful beyond measure for my friends, family, a warm, safe place to live, the gift of a relationship with God, work that matters to me and sometimes helps others, opportunities to serve, and the privilege of a wonderful education. However, I am not one of the 1% who control soContinue reading “Blog #26: The Up-Side of Not Being Super Rich”

Blog #22: Giving Big, Hairy, Audacious Thanks

Tell the muscles in your face to create a smile.  Send the message to your nerves to move your lips, and as a side effect, as you fake that tooth-showing grin, your mood changes.  It doesn’t happen if you grimace instead of smile, but make yourself physically smile and there’s an emotional connection. Research showsContinue reading “Blog #22: Giving Big, Hairy, Audacious Thanks”