My Big Hairy Audacious Day 7

Three more objects are finished – more low-hanging fruit as no stitching was required. I have four projects left to finish by December 5: one requires a little stitching, one will be done once I glue on a special cute little button to cover a blotch of hot glue, one needs about 300 more tinyContinue reading “My Big Hairy Audacious Day 7”

Take Six Steps Forward, Good. Now, March in Place.

I’m on the sixth day of my Fly Lady restart.  You can find information about the Fly Lady System on the Flylady website, or on YouTube and Instagram through my favorite mentors, Diane in Denmark and the Secret Slob.  It’s a system to build new routines, emphasizing consistency and doing little things that over time addContinue reading “Take Six Steps Forward, Good. Now, March in Place.”

So, Anything Interesting Happen This Week?

God, the Election Results and Controlling What I Can As Day 4 of my Big Hairy Audacious Month draws to a close, I have added water to my daily life, some days more, some days less, but always some.  I have a nice shiny sink, per Fly Lady; I have worked on one of theContinue reading “So, Anything Interesting Happen This Week?”

Socrates: What a Comedian

Socrates Was So Funny! Socrates originated the Socratic Method of teaching. He believed that by asking questions of his students, they would discover the answer within themselves.  Long story short: Socrates taught by question and answer, not by lecture or multiple-choice quizzes. Socrates, and this I think is so adorable, believed that once a personContinue reading “Socrates: What a Comedian”

Life’s a (Morning Glory) Beach

I have a cross stitch project that has been stuck in “Unfinishedville” for over 20 years.. The picture on the cover of the kit that shows the finished project is beautiful. I love beach scenes, I have an optimistic spirit so stitching a picture with 140 x 160 stitches (22,400) seemed like a fabulous idea.Continue reading “Life’s a (Morning Glory) Beach”