Blog for my BHAY – Day 3 of “Good to Go, Hard to Leave”: Cats!

There were apartments available with more amenities, there were little charming houses for rent, there was an airBnB that would have been perfect for the long-term, but none of these are my future home. The cats are coming with me. Coming up this week is the the two year anniversary of them becoming part ofContinue reading “Blog for my BHAY – Day 3 of “Good to Go, Hard to Leave”: Cats!”

Blog for My Series on”Good to Go, Hard to Leave”, Day 2: Spiritual Yoga

In my limited experience of yoga, I’ve learned a few things.One is that it is not competitive: when doing the exercises, you are not trying to do it better than anyone else; there are no winners or losers, there are just folks trying to maintain their balance while moving their bodies. Second, breathing is central.Continue reading “Blog for My Series on”Good to Go, Hard to Leave”, Day 2: Spiritual Yoga”

BHAY Blog for May 21: Living Beyond Shame’s Shadow

Shame told me my house is too messy to allow visitors to come inside, so it was tempting to say “no” when a friend asked me to host her college-student son as he traveled to his internship. But I hadn’t seen him for over 10 years, he is one of my favorite people, so whileContinue reading “BHAY Blog for May 21: Living Beyond Shame’s Shadow”

BHAY: Travel Update on My Audacious Journey

It’s been almost six months of this quest to have a Big, Hairy Audacious Year. I’m at the halfway point of my journey, and lately I’ve been travel sick.   I’ve been travel sick before, of course.  I can’t read during a flight, or I start to feel queasy. So I knit. If I readContinue reading “BHAY: Travel Update on My Audacious Journey”

BHAY Blog Post: “Not Necessarily Touching Your Knees”

At one point in the instructional recording, my yoga meditation instructor says, “Experiment with the position of your head, raise your head and bring it toward your legs, not necessarily touching your knees.” Not necessarily touching my knees!  I don’t even come close to touching my forehead to my knees.  I’m thrilled that my headContinue reading “BHAY Blog Post: “Not Necessarily Touching Your Knees””

BHAY Blog: O What a Difference a Month Makes

It’s been about a month since I’ve been focusing on improving my health through reducing both my weight and my waist line.  How’s it coming?  Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to pay attention to results in order to hold myself accountable but for sanity’s sake, I’m gong to commit to theContinue reading “BHAY Blog: O What a Difference a Month Makes”

BHAY Blog Post: March-ing On, Part 2 —Finding the US in LocUSts

I have added a new habit to my day: listening to and participating in the morning services of prayer and  reflection shared by Washington National Cathedral. Those fifteen minutes are a blessing to me, and often a source of new insights into matters of faith, life, and in one service, locusts.   The Rev. DanaContinue reading “BHAY Blog Post: March-ing On, Part 2 —Finding the US in LocUSts”

BHAY Blog — March-ing On Part 1: Whatever Happened to Mercy

In my own struggles with weight, I am now “other” because I no longer fit either clothes in my closet or the societal ideal of beauty.  I am judged, stereotyped, discounted.When I struggle with a task, I am sometimes met with judgment rather than receiving the tender mercy of help. It happens. Now that IContinue reading “BHAY Blog — March-ing On Part 1: Whatever Happened to Mercy”

BHAY Blog: “Slowly She Turned, Step by Step, Inch by Inch…”

Wouldn’t it be nice if good intentions were enough to create change? If buying new sneakers would instantly improve your running time, and having a cookbook with healthy recipes on your shelf would be enough to automatically change your eating habits.  Even better would be going for one walk and coming home, stepping on theContinue reading “BHAY Blog: “Slowly She Turned, Step by Step, Inch by Inch…””

BHAY: Putting the Big in my Big Hairy Audacious Year

In order to discern my path to reach my goals for this year, I need to know my starting point. So I got on the bathroom scale to write my current weight in my planner.  I also wrapped a measuring tape around my waist so I could my starting number in my planner. The numbers are recorded, and I know now my starting point.  Later that night , while waiting for sleep it occurred to me to find out my BMI, the Body Mass Index.  So, I found my height on the chart, and then traced the path of the weights listed until I came to the one that was closest to what the scale registered.  Turns out: it’s going to be a daunting journey to get ready to climb that hill on Iona.   I think the phrase “Morbidly obese” is inaccurate. I may be obese, but I’m not morbid, I’m cheerful, resilient, generally optimistic and hopeful. I know, I know the phrase “morbidly obese” refers to the impact the excess weight is having on my health. I was just messingContinue reading “BHAY: Putting the Big in my Big Hairy Audacious Year”