Blog Post #9 (formerly known as Blog Post #10): Friday the 13th

Cats expecting breakfast to be served, now.

Today’s post is thirteen random thoughts and/or updates as I ran out of focus today

1.  My initial rapid Covid test today came back negative; I will get an email on the more extensive test results next week. In the meantime, back to more physical isolation, self-quarantine.

2.  Since “God is bigger than the boogieman,” according to VeggieTales, I’m not nervous about Friday the 13th.  Faith transcends superstition.

3.  Some superstitions are just good advice:  for example, don’t walk under a ladder (you might knock the ladder, and the person on it will crash to the ground); don’t open an umbrella in the house (an umbrella canopy is large, with a point on the end of each spoke, so the potential for damage is great).

4.  My cats’ reaction to my rearranging of the living room reminds me of the way some people are reacting to the election results. 

5.  Feelings are real, but they do not always reflect reality.

6.  My words create my experience of reality because my brain believes what I say, so I’m making an effort to say kinder words to myself and hopeful words about the world situation.

7.  Progress, not perfection.  As the FlyLady says, “Good enough is good enough.”

8. My sister Katy says, “Semper Gumby”: always be flexible.

9. My cats know four words, they respond to three.  They know their names, breakfast, dinner and no.  Guess to which three they respond?!

10.  I love the USPS, and our National Park Service, and Pennsylvania’s state parks!.

11.  Weight and debt: so easy to get, so hard to get rid of.


12.  If black lives matter, then all lives matter. If all lives matter, then black lives matter.


13. You are a child of God and deserve to be treated that way.  That’s the one rule of GenOn ministries and their programs, and that is now my primary rule for ethical behavior.

I’m keeping my commitment to blog every day, but today it was a challenge so I gave up on organizing my thoughts and just shared some random thoughts.  If a thought is helpful, hold on to it; if nothing resonates with you, just let them go, except this one:  you are a child of God and deserve to be treated that way!

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