My Big Hairy Audacious Day 7

Three more Finished Objects, thanks to hot glue and rickrack. I’ll add adhesive-backed magnets to them so they’ll be useful as well as ornamental.

Three more objects are finished – more low-hanging fruit as no stitching was required. I have four projects left to finish by December 5: one requires a little stitching, one will be done once I glue on a special cute little button to cover a blotch of hot glue, one needs about 300 more tiny crosses, and then there’s the project that involves stitching on linen, which means using a skill that I used once 25 years ago.

The Post Office was closed today due to Veteran’s Day. So I need a friend’s help to get them on their way because the packages need to be weighed to get the proper postage, and that would mean I might expose the Post Office staff to any viruses I have been exposed to. As the Beatles sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Actually, I get by with a lot of help from my friends. I am blessed by the friends in my life. I would rather be the helper than the help-ee, the giver instead of the recipient; but as I read somewhere, when I ask for help, it gives someone else the opportunity to be of use and to give, relieving him or her of the anxiety of feeling helpless. That is one of the blessings of the prayer shawl ministries I have been a part of: when people we care about are battling cancer, undergoing a divorce, or experiencing grief or depression, then we can wrap them in the soft comfort of a shawl, and our love and prayers, when we can do nothing else. So we are doing someone a favor when we let him or her help us.

It is very hard to let others help us. That would mean admitting we need help and that everything is not as fine as we want others to think. However, if we didn’t need help, then Jesus would not have come into the world to save us. Instead there would be divine skywriting that spelled out, “Try harder!” and “Do better!”. Rather than demand perfection, God invites us into a new type of relationship, one where Jesus does all the heavy lifting.

So to many my most audacious act so far has been to admit publicly that I am getting help to make my life more peaceful, hospitable, useful, and filled with more beauty. I’m getting help from the FlyLady, from my friends, my extended family, from FlossTube (a collection of YofaithuTubers who focus on cross stitch, which I find compelling), my felines Fingal and Seamus, and my faith.

And my goal? Progress, not perfection. I will never be perfect. Neither will you. Only God is perfect. But with God’s help, we can be more useful to each other, and bring more beauty into our lives and this world! Let’s be audaciously imperfect together!

Grace and peace to you!


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