Take Six Steps Forward, Good. Now, March in Place.

Delivered Today: First of 10 Works Finally Finished
Projects Two: Finished!

I’m on the sixth day of my Fly Lady restart.  You can find information about the Fly Lady System on the Flylady website, or on YouTube and Instagram through my favorite mentors, Diane in Denmark and the Secret Slob.  It’s a system to build new routines, emphasizing consistency and doing little things that over time add up to make a big difference.  So I’m now on Step 6 of the 31 Baby Steps: today I spent two minutes cleaning off one surface in my home, and God willing, I’ll spend two minutes every day for the next 25 days clearing off one surface in my home, and every day after that. Progress.

I have framed three cross stitch projects, and one has been delivered, the other two will be mailed tomorrow!  They were low-hanging fruit, easy things to cross off my life of ten WIPS that I wanted to finish, because they were already stitched. But still… progress.

And then a little snag.

It turns out a lovely, friendly woman at the congregation where I serve as pastor has now tested positive for COVID-19.  I pray she does not get very ill.  The person who passed it to her is now in ICU from the virus.  Our prayers are with her as well.

Although everyone at worship wore their masks, and were physically distant, we will probably not worship in the building again until after Thanksgiving.  And even though we were wearing masks, and sitting in every other pew, I bumped elbows with herafter worship, no skin contact, and wearing my mask, but just to be on the safe side I’m going to self-isolate for 14 days.  So starting today, my journey is much more inward-focused than it was just yesterday.  I have had to cancel a trip to visit my sister in Washington, DC, and cancel my hair cut, and will not be able to wander the aisles of Joann Fabrics until after November 22nd.  

One of the pieces of wisdom gained from friends in Twelve Step programs is: “expectations are planned resentments.”  If you expect to be exempt from viruses, or headaches, or disappointment, or expect things to go a certain way during family gatherings, or expect others to be grateful for all that you do, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and resentment will sour your personality and rob you of your joy.

I hoped to get through this pandemic without needing to self-isolate, but I didn’t expect that because I love Jesus that I would not have to deal with the effects of the virus. Faith is not bubble wrap that keeps bad things from happening.  Faith is a relationship, a relationship with God which gives us “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow” as the hymn “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” proclaims.

Please pray for B and R as they battle Covid-19, and all others ill from this virus, and those in health care profession; and please, pray for me that I am able to negotiate this new level of physical distancing in my life. I pray that it is just for the next twelve days.  So many are dealing with much more profound isolation.

So for now I will continue to see how this Big Hairy Audacious (Isolated) Month unfolds, as I take my steps by marching in place.


Grace and peace to you!

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