My Big Hairy Audacious Month, Maybe

In a month, 30 days from today, I will celebrate the big 6-0! Or I might ignore the big 6-0! Regardless, I will mark the 60th anniversary of my birth on December 5. It’s not weird to turn 60, it does feel strange to know that ten years from now I will be 70. My life does not look as I expected when I was 22. Someone whose obituary listed their age of death as 60 seemed to me to have lived a full life when I was 22, now that I’m almost 60 myself, 60 is much too young to pass away. But as my father died at age 72, and my mother was 84, it’s clear that I need to make choices now so that what matters to me, what’s important, what I enjoy, those I love, and places I want to explore, are now conscious foci rather than serendipitous experiences.

So, as I was driving from Pittsburgh to New Jersey, making a quick 24-hour trip to meet my brother and some friends for dinner and then return home the next morning, I felt the Spirit nudge me to grow in place. I’ve been on a job search for a year. I started seeking a new call while I was still serving as a pastor of a church; I left that call last May without a definite place to go. I am continuing to seek a full-time job at a church, and in the meantime, I am enjoying serving as a part-time pastor at a church in Avonmore, PA. I’m not desperately seeking another pastorate; I like where I am, I like being part-time. I do need more income to pay my mortgage and health insurance premium because so far I’ve financed those with savings and by consigning my collection of vintage jewelry on eBay, so we’ll where that need leads.

In the meantime those 12 months of rejection, of getting emails that say “our search is taking us in another direction”, are wearing and wearying. So I’m feeling led to change my focus: instead of a new job, a possible new house: during this month-long run-up to the Big 6-0, I’m going to work on four Big Hairy Audacious Goals:

  1. Following Diane in Denmark’s YouTube channel and doing the Flylady’s Baby Steps to get order in my chaotic home;
  2. Drinking more water, eating less sugar so I’ll lose an inch around my waist;
  3. Blogging every day, along with another spiritual practice each day;
  4. Finishing 10 of my WIPs: WIPs are Works in Progress, cross stitch projects that are close to done, should be done, or started but you’ve lost interest. Some of mine are FO’s – Finished Objects, but not ready to be given away or hung on my wall – then they’d be FFO’s, Fully Finished Objects.

Those are my Big Hairy Audacious Goals so that I can have a Big Hairy Audacious Month, which may lead to a Big Hairy Audacious Year!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who is living an unexpected life. I’m positive others of you are either overweight, living in chaos, or finding it hard to finish projects: we are all under construction, we are all Works in Progress. I’ll be posting pictures of cross stitch projects, of before/after pictures of parts of my home as I re-start the Fly Lady system, and of my waist measurement today and on December 5.

Our goal: Progress, not Perfection. Only God is perfect. And God’s on our side. So, let this BHAM journey begin!

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